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Fiona Bee

Information for Employers and Employees during the Corona Virus Pandemic

23rd March 2020
Whilst we are entering this unprecedented time we set out here a summary of the Government issued emergency measures and advice to assist both Employees and Employers. If you require expert advice and any further information please contact our employment team. 
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Laura Harper

Positive outcomes from difficult times

16th October 2017
Following the recent anniversary of my Mum’s death, which I expected to be a VERY VERY difficult time, thanks to some kind words in a card from my best friend, I focussed on all I have achieved in the last 12 months.The most obvious and most recent change- and one I know Mum would approve of- is becoming a consultant with Berlad Graham.
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Check out the new videos on our Youtube channel!

23rd August 2017
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See opportunity – Take action – Gain business

10th July 2017
There are many ways to gain business; delivering exceptional customer service is the best way but also networking face to face, networking online, asking customers for testimonials and then using them on your social media but there also remains another way; being open to opportunities.You would think that ‘being open to opportunities’ might seem obvious but how many business people are not open to see the opportunity in front of them and; therefore, fail to see it.
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Christine McNeish

Taking legal advice can lead to less cost and stress to you in the future

17th May 2017
I read an interesting article last week which really does explain why you need to have sound legal advice if you are going through a divorce or separation.The parties separated in 2013 but the wife remained in the home.
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Being a self-employed Consultant is all about total flexibility, greater autonomy, earning more money and only doing that which you love, fee earning and acting for clients

21st April 2017
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