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Ed Turner


Ed qualified as a solicitor in 2009 having trained with the Liverpool office of a Top 100 UK firm. He then worked in private practice for insurers and individual claimants in civil litigation and dispute resolution.

Ed made the move to self-employment as a consultant solicitor in 2017 and now specialises in contentious and non-contentious company, commercial, employment and data protection and provides expert advice on contractual, transactional and dispute resolution matters.

Ed’s experience in litigation has given him great foresight in what can go wrong in legal matters and, most importantly, what preventative steps can be taken at the outset to minimise the risk of disputes when things do not go to plan, putting the client in the best possible position from the outset.

Ed is based in Cheshire but, due to the nature of Berlad Graham’s set up, he covers the whole country.

Outside of work, Ed loves music and cinema.   He is very keen on personal health and fitness and enjoys running, cycling, boxing and weight training.   His favourite sport is Formula 1 motor racing and his favourite drivers are Ayrton Senna, Damon Hill and Lewis Hamilton.  He also enjoys reading with particular interests in politics, philosophy and history and likes to keep up with current affairs.

Company and Commercial

Ed advises individuals and businesses on commercial contracts, ranging from simple website Terms & Conditions to drafting and negotiating multi-party Shareholder and Joint Venture Agreements.   He can also advise on the key business arrangements for sole traders, partnerships, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships with respect to Bespoke Incorporation Documents and Articles of Association, Partnership Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Director Service Contracts and Employment Contracts.

“Certainty is the key to a successful long-term business relationship.   Although it is tempting to cut corners and save money on solicitors’ costs by trusting who you are dealing with in the beginning when relations between the parties are at their best, I have seen so many unnecessary disputes arise because the parties did not seek legal advice when finalising the original agreement and thereby leaving scope for uncertainty as to what was agreed.    My expertise in company and commercial contract law can help parties achieve a watertight business arrangement from the outset and reduce the likelihood of disputes arising in future.”


Ed acts for individual employee Claimants and corporate employer Respondents, from internal workplace investigations, grievance and disciplinary hearings to litigated civil proceedings in the County Court and the Regional Employment Tribunal.   He has expertise in contract law as well as the legislation over employment rights, discrimination and public interest (i.e. ‘whistleblowing’) and can advise both sides of a dispute on their legal position and conduct Court and Tribunal litigation.

Ed also regularly advises employees on the contents and implications of ‘Settlement Agreements’ that terminate their contracts of employment and compromise any and all potential claims under the employment rights legislation.   It is common practice for employers to offer a fixed fee to outgoing employees for them to receive independent legal advice on a draft settlement agreement from a solicitor and for the solicitor to verify that the employee has understood the Settlement Agreement before signing it.

“During my years working for others in the corporate world, I witnessed first-hand at how emotions often run high in the workplace and how disputes can arise due to clashes of temperament.   As an expert on employment law, I see my role as not only advising clients on the textbook law and procedure, but also to manage my clients’ emotions and expectations and to show them the bigger picture in order to achieve the bests possible outcome of their dispute and also minimise the potential damage to their reputation and long-term career prospects.”

Data Protection

Ed has detailed knowledge of the new data protection regime under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’), as implemented in England and Wales by the Data Protection Act 2018 and advises clients on the methods and protection they must implement when handling their clients’ and customers’ sensitive personal data.

“When the original Data Protection Act came into force in the late-‘90s, most people were only just taking their first step into the online world with a free CD from the cover of a computing magazine and hearing their computer modem dialled-up like an old sci-fi TV show.  I remember the fear I experienced the first time I gave my bank details to an online retailer wondering if my bank account would be cleaned out within 24-hours!

 “Today, we live in a Data Economy: we do not just ‘go online’, we ‘live online’.   With the recent high-profile scandals involving social media companies’ misuse of their customers’ personal data, the public’s consciousness has been raised to how others use our personal data without our knowledge.   The new Data Protection Act 2018, implementing the GDPR addresses these concerns and makes businesses more accountable for handling their customers’ data.

 “From basic website Privacy Policies to multi-party Data Processing Agreements, I have the expertise to advise you on how to process your clients’ and customers’ sensitive personal data and protect you from possible claims by data subjects or regulatory action from the Information Commissioners Office ‘ICO’).”

Dispute Resolution

Ed spent a decade in private practice as a civil litigation and dispute resolution solicitor acting for individuals and companies.    During this period, he gained expert technical knowledge and tactical insight into how to use the law governing the litigation process, the Civil Procedure Rules 1998, and the best tactics for winning disputes aside from the textbook law.

Although Ed has moved into non-contentious areas as a consultant solicitor, he still provides expert advice on litigation and dispute resolution to clients when disputes arise in a commercial context.   Ed can advise on straightforward contentious matters such as debt recovery and breach of contract to less common disputes such as libel and defamation.

Ed’s recent successes including achieving a pre-action £45,000 damages and costs settlement for a commercial client in a breach of contract dispute.

“The best way of dealing with disputes is to minimise their effects, if not avoid them altogether.    Disputes are not only a drain on time and finances; they are very costly in terms of mental and emotional stress.    While I possess the expertise to take a dispute all the way to the High Court if necessary, I also take a commercial approach to a dispute and assess whether it is worth pursuing a litigation on a financial as well as a time and effort basis.”

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