Raanan Berlad

Raanan specialises and advises extensively in the areas of Civil Litigation and Matrimonial law.RB-arms-folded-frameless

Raanan worked for solicitors in the City of London until 2009 when he became Head of Litigation at a Thames Valley firm. In 2011, together with Stewart Graham, he established Berlad Graham LLP. His strength is in the resolution of problems in an efficient, speedy and economical way whilst looking at the bigger picture for the benefit of ‘you’ the client. He is a member of the family-law focused group, Resolution.

Before Raanan practised law he had 13 years’ experience within a commercial environment at a global food retailer, which allows him to bring a commercial approach to law. It also means Raanan understands and fully adopts an exceptional customer service mentality towards his customers.

Raanan acts for both corporate and individual clients in contractual disputes, negligence and general Tort claims including professional negligence and personal injury, debt recovery and enforcement, defamation proceedings and property-related litigation including contentious landlord and tenant disputes.

Raanan has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Contentious Probate and has successfully acted for clients who wish to dispute the terms of a Will, the execution of the Will or the distribution of the Estate, working closely with Berlad Graham’s Liora Torn-Hibler.

Raanan’s matrimonial practice includes divorce, ancillary relief (financial) proceedings and matters relating to children. Raanan has experience in acting for both petitioners and Respondents, husbands and wives.

Raanan is a member of the Family Section at the Law Society. He is also a member of the International Bar Association, the IBC and the IAJLJ.

Raanan is based in London and Uxbridge and speaks English, Hebrew and Romanian.

”Finding a good Solicitor can be difficult but in Raanan Berlad of Berlad Graham LLP I have found someone who goes far beyond a purely solicitor/client relationship.  Raanan displays a very sharp intellect in his approach to the law and to how to conduct the case.  He is an expert in Family law but also applies a strategy that is always in the best interests of his clients.  Just as with the philosophy of Berlad Graham LLP, Raanan’s pro-active communication is superb, always returning calls and promptly dealing with matters as soon as they arise and in the most appropriate way, I never had to chase for a response.  Raanan shows an empathy with his clients but always remains focused on what action is best to take to achieve the right result for his customers”.  Ayelet Bar-Hen

Please contact Raanan on:
t +44 (0) 1895 457474
m +44 (0) 7956 432616
skype berlad.graham.llp

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